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Welcome to Youth Hotline – Youth Fusion’s very first educational/networking campaign. However connected the world may seem, we cannot but notice a frightening trend – the erosion of trust and disappearance of common spaces for the Russian and American disarmament advocates, especially among the young people.


YOUTH FUSION AT THE NPT Preparatory Committee 2023

The first session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2026 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) will meet from 31 July–11 August 2023 at the Vienna International Centre in Vienna, Austria.

Youth Fusion is part of Abolition 2000’s Delegation, organizes two side events, and our members and leaders are speaking at over 6 different happenings organized both by the UN and the Civil Society.



The #StepUp4Disarmament Youth Campaign is back for the third year *running* (get it?)!

Building on the success of the two previous campaigns conducted in 2021 and 2022, the Office for Disarmament Affairs’ #Youth4Disarmament initiative, Youth Fusion and the CTBTO are calling on young people to #StepUp4Disarmament by either completing a distance of 8.29 kilometres or tracking 10.9k steps, an approximate equivalent, to mark the International Day against Nuclear Tests, on 29 August 2023.



Youth Fusion is partnering with Docmine, a Swiss-based creative studio, in promotion of Nuclear Stories, a new and innovative educative platform about the risks and human impact of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.



Peace Out is a new series in the Youth Fusion podcast family, created by Vanda Proskova as part of the #Leaders4Tomorrow program of #Youth4Disarmament, a youth-focused initiative of the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs.


Youth Fusion Experts

Youth Fusion Expert Series is podcast where we engage with leaders and experts in the various related fields of nuclear disarmament, peace and security, and sustainable development.

Through these conversations, we wish to offer you all the chance to learn and be inspired by those who are actively working towards a fairer and more peaceful future for all.


Youth Fusion Elders

Youth Fusion highlights the importance of inter-generational dialogue and of youth learning from the experience of those who have been long-time and effective leaders in the peace and disarmament fields. In this regard, we recognise and affirm Youth Fusion Elders, those we hold in high esteem, and whose leadership, accomplishments, ideas and wisdom we highlight online and through our activities. 

We can organize on request:

Past projects, events & initiatives
of Abolition 2000 youth network and participating or member networks

#StepUp4Disarmament (2021, 2022, 2023). Office for Disarmament Affairs’ #Youth4Disarmament initiative, Youth Fusion and the CTBTO are calling on young people to #StepUp4Disarmament by either completing a distance of 8.29 kilometres or tracking 10.9k steps, an approximate equivalent, to mark the International Day against Nuclear Tests, on 29 August.

#WeThePeoples2020. #WeThePeoples2020 is a coalition of civil society organisations cooperating to promote UN and UN-focused events from International Day of Peace (Sep 21) until International Day for Non-violence (Oct 2). It is coordinated by the Abolition 2000 Youth Network together with Basel Peace Office, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, UNFOLD ZERO and the World Future Council.

Side-event in New York at the NPT PrepCom meeting at the UN HQ on June 19, 2017. The event Youth actions for nuclear disarmament: Nuclear abolition day (Sep 26) and the 2018 UN High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament was held in conjunction with the UN negotiations on a nuclear-weapons ban treaty. The event served as a platform to: report on youth actions globally for nuclear abolition, develop joint plans for youth actions on the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (September 26), and discuss youth promotion of, and participation in, the 2018 UN High Level Conference.

Youth network successfully organized a youth session on peace, security and nuclear disarmament in South Korea in February 2019 at the PyeongChang Global Peace Forum. On February 10 youth-led workshop engaged youth at the pyeongchang Global Peace Forum Where Youth Network participated. The workshop was entitled as “Youth Speak for Peace: Engaging and amplifying youth voices for nuclear abolition and sustainable development”.

Signing the petition against nuclear weapons at the ATOM project website (international campaign).

Asking mayors, parliamentarians and religious leaders to endorse the joint statement ‘A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World; Our Common Good’, which is being used to build global support for UN initiatives such as the ban treaty and the UNHLC.

Valentines Day – I break up with Nukes! Organised by Global Zero youth from around the world on Valentines Day 2014.

Chain Reaction 2016. A chain reaction of global actions from July-October 2016 organised by youth from Basel Peace Office

Pugwash Youth Award 2016. Award from UK Pugwash Youth for the best paper written for UK nuclear policy by a young academic.

Declaration on Youth and Demilitarization. Adopted at the Youth Forum of the International Peace Bureau 2016 World Congress.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Youth Declaration for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World. Adopted in 2010. The declaration conveyed the sentiments of junior high and high school students in the A-bombed cities and pledges to act toward the realization of peace. 

Youth Fusion’s Delegation at the NPT Review Conference 2022.

After multiple delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPT Review Conference finally took place in August 2022 at the UNHQ in New York. Youth Fusion participated with its own delegation, and a set of virtual and in-person events we co-organized with our partners.

Youth Conference in Prague. The network organised an international youth conference in Prague, November 27-29, 2017, which released Reach High for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World, a youth appeal to world leaders to participate constructively in the 2018 UN High Level Conference on Nuclear Disarmament.

In July 2018, Youth Network in cooperation with Mayors for Peace, German Peace Society and Peace Station Mutlangencommemorated Flag Day in the region Baden-Wuerttemberg together with the mayors in Aalen, Mutlangen & Stuttgart with the use of piece of arts 3D nuke missile to engage and raise awareness amongst public. Additionally, in Buechel air base the youth network participated at the international peace camp and took part in action that included 3d nuke missile arts.

Youth network took active part in the NPT PrepCom 2019 by contributing to the Youth ngo Statement, organizing side-eventon “Youth, peace and disarmament education”with the German Peace Society and Pressehuette, promoting the annual general assembly of Abolition 2000. From April 29 to May 10, The youth delegation participated at the 2019 Preparatory Committee for the 2020 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference. On May 3rd, Youth network together with Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft – Vereinigte KriegsdienstgegnerInnen, organized a side event under the title: Young people acting together for disarmament and peace education.

Arms Down Campaign, organised by Religions for Peace Youth Network. Collected endorsements from over 20 million faith-based youth for their appeal to abolish nuclear weapons and re-direct 10% of military spending to sustainable development.

Student simulated negotiations on a nuclear weapons convention, organised by Regina Hagen (INESAP and Darmstadt Technical University)

Youth Nuclear Abolition Summit. Held in Hiroshima in August 2015 organised by SGI and others. Initiated the Amplify Youth Network.

Don’t nuke Us. Social media action organised by Chain Reaction for the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

Youth Peace Bike Ride 2017. Organised by Youth/Students Section of IPPNW. Young anti-nuclear activists from all over the world cycled through the United Kingdom towns and villages, organizing public ralleys, meeting politicians, giving interviews, spreading the IPPNW message and discussing nuclear issues with people on the street.

On August 29, 2018 –International day against nuclear testing was commemorated in Astana, Kazakhstan by the international youth conference organized by the CTBTO, where youth network took an active part by holding the first screening of the documentary “Where the wind blew” with special guest Karipbek Kuykov being invited to speak at the discussion following the film in the capital and facilitating trip to Semey test site –Semipalatinsk Polygon.

On November 5, 2018 Youth network took part in Geneva peace week. During an event by Quaker United Nations office on nuclear disarmament or arms race, contribution was made to the discussion highlighting the importance of the economic aspect of nuclear weapons expenditures and profits made by the corporations.

Bike around the Bomb. Organised by Global Zero youth and held in over 70 cities around the world. Youth cycle around the perimeter of what would be the zone of absolute destruction in their city it a nuclear bomb would be detonated there. 

Youth sending video messages to their countries’ leaders, calling on them to participate in 2018 UNHLC and to adopt concrete nuclear disarmament measures at the conference. For non-nuclear States this could be announcing their ratification of the ban treaty. For nuclear-armed and allied countries it could include adopting no-first use policies and announcing a framework to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world.

Students for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World. Launched by the World Federation of United Nations Associations, the network held essay and video competitions and international youth forums on nuclear disarmament.

Open the Door to a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World. A youth-led initiative to support the 2013 UN Open Ended Working Group on Nuclear Disarmament (OEWG).

Origami cranes to UN diplomats. UNFOLD ZERO youth greeted ambassadors to the OEWG in Geneva with origami cranes. See also the story of Sadako and the 1000 Cranes.