Youth Fusion is a world-wide networking platform for young individuals, youth organizations & youth initiatives in the field of nuclear disarmament, risk-reduction and non-proliferation. Our focus spans the globe, engaging youth at national, regional and international levels through our programs, events and actions.

Youth Fusion highlights the links between disarmament, peace, climate action, public health and sustainable development, and builds connections and cooperation amongst people and organisations working on these inter-related issues.

Youth Fusion organises forums and events for inter-generational dialogue, so that youth and those more experienced can listen and learn from each other and build cooperation for more effective policy action.

Our goals are clear: to inform, educate, connect and engage our fellow students, young professionals, activists and enthusiasts. Through these activities, and as part of Abolition 2000 Network, we are contributing to the total abolition of nuclear weapons. 

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We believe the world would be a much better place without nuclear weapons in it. Would you agree? 

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What we do

1. Inform


We all agree that awareness is key. To inform our audience on the current actions, programs, events and breaking news from the world concerning nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation, we provide our free monthly newsletter that anyone can sign up to. Furthermore, all this information is also available directly here on our website. 

2. Educate


Awareness goes hand in hand with education. To educate not only our young members, but also the broader public interested in the topics of nuclear disarmament or non-proliferation and how they relate to the SDGs and other areas, we organize webinars focused on our global audience, collaborate on video projects, send out a monthly newsletter and share our podcast.


Listen to our podcast. We are continuously seeking new topics and guests for our podcast episodes! Do not hesitate to contact us if this is something you would be interested in!


Check out a selection of our speeches and video projects.

Youth speakers

We also offer a database of young people who are available to speak at conferences both online and in person, on various topics and in multiple languages.

3. Connect

Social media

Let's not forget about the networking aspect of our platform! To facilitate easy communication & discussion between our members, we run a Facebook page and a Facebook group. All our members are invited to engage with each other, share any relevant content or ask questions. We further have Twitter and Instagram accounts, where we share our news. Make sure to give us a follow and tag us so we can promote your relevant events or initiatives!


Together with the Basel Peace Office, Youth Fusion organizes its annual youth conference - either in Basel (Switzerland), Prague (Czech Republic) or online. These special meetings bring together leaders of key youth movements with parliamentarians and mayors who are concerned about the issues of climate change, peace and disarmament, in order to build the important inter-generational dialogue and cooperation.
Aside from this, we organize countless online and in-person events globally.


Many of our programs are created in partnership with various organizations globally. Among our partners are for example Basel Peace Office, Youth4TPNW, or UNODA's #Youth4Disarmament initiative.