We are happy to present the second episode in the Youth Fusion Elders series, where we engage the long-time and effective leaders of the peace, disarmament and related fields, in a dialogue across generations, topics and disciplines. Through creating a conversation between active youths and their inspiring predecessors, we wish to open up an inclusive space for learning, listening and, above all, sharing.

In this episode, Youth Fusion Members Arthur Duforest and Michaela Sørensen had the pleasure to sit down with Mogens Lykketoft, former president of the 70th United Nations General Assembly, and a leading figure of the Danish Social Democratic party. Join us in this virtual conversation around his life-long involvement with political and global matters as well as his time within the UN, addressing topics such as the importance of intergenerational dialogue and the intersections between the Sustainable Development Goals, nuclear and general disarmament.

Michaela Sørensen (Denmark/South Africa) and Arthur Duforest (France) interviewing Mogens Lykketoft (Denmark), for the Youth Fusion Elders Series.

This episode is available on SpotifyGoogle Podcast, and a number of other platforms. For a reading summary of the interview go to the blog article here, and visit the project webpage to learn more about our Elders initiative.

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