December 10 is UN Human Rights Day.
The UN has affirmed that the threat or use of nuclear weapons would violate the Right to Life, and that their is an obligation to eliminate nuclear weapons globally. To commemorate this day and to launch our new website and programs, the Youth Fusion Coordinating Team has prepared two events discussing (nuclear) disarmament, peace, sustainable development and more…

Session 1, December 10, 2020

Chair: Vanda Proskova, Co-Convener, Youth Fusion
Welcome words from Abolition 2000: Tony Robinson
Panelists: Nuriya Azamatova (Kazakhstan), Solomon Yeo (Solomon Islands), Divina Maloum (Cameroon)

Session 2, December 11, 2020

Chair: Michaela Sorensen, Program Assistant, Youth Fusion
Welcome words from Abolition 2000: Jackie Cabasso
Panelists: Niamh Healy (the UK), Vanessa Lanteigne (Canada), Ariana Smith (USA), Cristopher Cruz (USA), Edgar Lopez (USA), Marie-Claire (Switzerland), Eric Mbotiji (Cameroon)

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