Nuclear Games launch

On July 23 at 3pm CET (Central European Time), Youth Fusion officially launched Nuclear Games.

To do so, we have invited young change-makers from around the world to join us in a conversation about their motivations, obstacles and communities. We have listened to their stories, learned about Nuclear Games and discovered how to get involved!

Youth Fusion representatives: Vanda Proskova (Czechia/Belgium), Michaela Sorensen (South Africa/Denmark)

Keynote speaker: Kehkashan Basu (UAE/Canada)


  • Tatsuro Debroux (Japan) – Peace Depot Japan
  • Kasha Slavner (Canada) – Founder, The Global Sunrise Project
  • Divina Maloum (Cameroon) – Founder, Children for Peace
  • Disha Ravi (India) – Founder, Fridays for Future India
  • Aigerim Seitenova (Kazakhstan) – Head of Programmes, “Wings of Liberty” Public Foundation

And last but not least:

  • Dr Andreas Nidecker (Switzerland) – the Initiator of Nuclear Games; President, Basel Peace Office
  • Daniel von Aarburg (Switzerland) – Director of Nuclear Games, Docmine
  • Patrick M. Müller (Switzerland) – Producer of Nuclear Games, Docmine

The full recording of the event is available here:

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