Youth Fusion in conversation with Mogens Lykketoft

This article covers the interview with Mogens Lykketoft by Youth Fusion Members Michaela Sørensen and Arthur Duforest. The interview was carried out in the context of the Youth Fusion Elders project which highlights the importance of intergenerational dialogue, and of youth learning from the experience of those who have been long-time and effective leaders in […]

Youth Fusion in conversation with Bruce Kent

This interview is part of the Youth Fusion Elders initiative, where we create a space for dialogue and learning across generations, topics and cultural and social borders. For this article, Youth Fusion Member Nico Edwards had the honor to sit down with lifelong peace campaigner and changemaker Bruce Kent (UK), to have a virtual conversation […]

Youth Fusion Elders Series: in conversation with Bruce Kent

We are happy to share the very first episode in our Youth Fusion Elders podcast series, where we engage the long-time and effective leaders of the peace, disarmament and related fields, in a dialogue across generations, topics and disciplines. Through creating a conversation between active youths and their inspiring predecessors, we wish to open up […]