Welcome to the sixth episode in our Youth Fusion Elders Series, a podcast where we engage the long-time and effective leaders in peace, disarmament and related fields, in a dialogue across generations, topics and disciplines.

In this episode, Youth Fusion member Arthur Duforest is delighted to introduce you all to our latest Youth Fusion Elder, Mr Douglas Roche, a longstanding and outstanding voice on, actor in and advocator for human security, disarmament and peace. As a former Canadian parliamentarian, involved in UN-led disarmament processes and author of several books such as ‘Recovery: Peace Prospects in the Biden era’ (2020) and ‘The Human Right to Peace’ (2003), Mr Roche has a rather unique background. In the episode, you will learn about Mr Roche’s multifaceted work on peace and human security and his quest to bring forth useful concepts and ideas to transform the way we understand and practice international relations. Enjoy!

Arthur Duforest (France) interviewing Mr Douglas Roche (Canada) for the Youth Fusion Elders Series.

This episode is available on SpotifyGoogle Podcast, and a number of other platforms. Visit the project webpage to learn more about our Elders initiative.

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