Not long ago we were hit by some difficult news – the passing of life-long activist and changemaker Bruce Kent, a dear friend to and steadfast supporter of many of the organisations working for peace, climate action and social equity in the UK and beyond. 

With his rare charisma and unique manner of working at the intersections of his Catholic faith with multifaceted social and political forms of activism, Mr Kent brought something special to the fight for peace and social justice that moved us all. 

When invited to become a Youth Fusion Elder, he replied (by way of accepting, wholeheartedly): 

“Thank you very much for your message and invitation to become an Elder. There must be some mistake — I am only 91!”

Above all else, it was this humour and lightheartedness that accompanied his dedication to the cause that made Mr Kent the unique actor for peace that he remained across six whole decades. 

The brief encounters I had with him myself left me with a replenished fighting spirit and that rare sensation, so absent for most of the time, that there will always be hope. 

In this Youth Fusion Elders series podcast episode you can learn more about Mr Kent’s wide-ranging work, his deep commitment to paving the way for sustainable peace and how it all started after his ordination into priesthood. 

For more inspiration watch Mr Kent’s speech at the Youth Fusion Elder’s launch delivering tips and tricks for a worthwhile activist journey, which will make you smile and laugh in equal measure. 

Skip to minute 18 to listen to Bruce’s wise words.

“Stick with it!” 

– Bruce Kent

Through this process of mourning we remind ourselves of the work that remains and the ease with which Mr Kent showed us how to also believe in that fairer world, devoid of violence and greed, which we keep fighting for. 

But remember….

“Everybody is capable of doing something, but not everybody is capable of doing everything. Don’t think you can fight all the battles – leave something to somebody else! But do what you do with imagination and perseverance and courage and get on with it and that will be your reward.”

Bruce Kent

In loving memory, peace and solidarity,

Nico and the Youth Fusion Team

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