NPT PrepCom Side Event || Youth Hotline: Solutions to burning issues (hybrid)

When: Wednesday 9 August at 1:15-2:45pmCET

Where: Conference Room M4, Vienna International Centre (VIC) & Online via Zoom

Whether you are in Vienna in person, or are following the 2023 NPT Preparatory Committee online, make sure to join Youth Fusion for this hybrid side event! We will discuss the importance of global youth inclusion, and present some of the projects the young leaders participating in our Youth Hotline Campaign are working on.


  • Rebecca Jovin, Chief of Office, United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs at Vienna
  • Vanda Proskova and Michaela Higgins Sørensen, Youth Fusion Co-Conveners
  • Ivan Suluianov, Youth Hotline Campaign Lead
  • Youth Hotline Campaign participants including presenters:
    • Philip Chennery (UK)
    • Stefanie Friedl (Austria)
    • Kyle Tucker (USA) and Christelle Barakat (Lebanon)

Youth Hotline Projects presented

  • “Nuclear Shades” : The goal of this initiative is to get people to reflect on the effects of nuclear weapons through art and social media engagement. 
  • ”Perspectives Unveiled”: A podcast exploring how the war in Ukraine affects the Global South and the Global North and how we can address the arising dangers regarding nuclear weapons.
  • “Beneath the Surface: the Hidden Stories of the Manhattan Project”: This project aims to explore the lesser-known and underrepresented aspects of the Manhattan Project, capitalizing on the popularity of the Oppenheimer movie. Our goal is to shed light on the people involved, the consequences, innovations, tragedies, and the lore surrounding this pivotal moment in history. Each team member will delve into a specific topic of their choice, crafting engaging Instagram posts with multiple slides and short blog posts to captivate and educate our audience.