Inter-generational Forum on Peace, Climate Action and Nuclear Disarmament

January 20, hybrid side event at Basel Peace Forum 2023

Armed conflict, nuclear weapons policies and climate change pose existential threats to current and future generations. What policies at city and federal level can address these issues? How can the voices and interests of youth be included in policy decisions on these issues?

This event brought together policy makers and religious/civil society leaders with youth in an intergenerational format to share experience, innovation and inspiration for a sustainable future. The event was held as part of the 2023 Basel Peace Forum. For more information please see the event flyer.

  • Co-chairs:
    • Vanda ProskovaYouth Fusion Core Team Member
    •  Ilya KursenkoYouth Fusion intern. Masters Student, University of Sorbonne. Oxford-Russia Foundation Fellow on Sustainable Peace Systems.
  • Welcome:
    • Prof Andi Nidecker MD, President, Basel Peace Office
  • Opening comments:
    • Lukas OttPresident’s Office, Basel-Stadt Kanton
  • Panel speakers:
    • Prof Lukas Kundert. Reformed Church of Basel-Stadt
    • Philipe RioMayor of Grigny, France. President of Mayors for Peace France
    • Margaret Kiener NellenPNND Council MemberFormer Member of Parliament. Former Chair of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions
    • Tina Kurath. Climate Security Consultant at CGIAR, and UNODA-OSCE scholarship alumni
    • Fabian Hamilton MPUK Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament 
    • Tsubasa ShinoharaSecretary General, Schweizerische Anwaltsvereinigung für Nukleare Abrüstung – Association of Swiss Lawyers for Nuclear Disarmament (SAFNA).  Chair/Founder, SAFNA Youth Forum. PhD Candidate in Law,University of Lausanne 
  • Closing Comments:
    • Alyn WareDirector Basel Peace Office. PNND Global Coordinator.