Do you know of a youth project that addresses peace, nuclear disarmament and/or climate issues that could be boosted by a prestigious award worth €5000 in prize money to help it succeed?

If so, we encourage you to nominate it for the 2023 Peace, Nuclear Abolition and Climate Engaged Youth (PACEY) Award. Nominations are easy. And if you are young (35 years old or under) and involved in such a project (or proposal), you can nominate it yourself.

PACEY Awards 2023

The PACEY Award covers issues from youth vision and enthusiasm to policy change, and is an online intergenerational forum between policymakers (legislators) and youth activists on the Climate / Nuclear Disarmament nexus.

The event is held in conjunction with the Basel Peace Forum 2022 and the PACEY Award 2022.

The deadline for nominations is December 30, 2022.

Submit your nomination here:

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