On August 19, 2022, Youth Fusion is partnering with Youth4TPNW and Atomic Reporters in organizing an innovative journalism workshop with Dr. Becky Alexis Martin.

This workshop has the aim of educating and working with youths to harness and build on their journalism skills, namely within the nuclear disarmament field. Dr. Becky Alexis Martin, a highly knowledgeable and experienced scientific communicator and educator, will run the workshop.

Nuclear disarmament issues are tricky to get published, namely within nuclear armed states such as the UK or US, so Dr. Becky Alexis-Martin will show us all how to: make high quality articles and provide tips on how to get published. Dr. Becky has also kindly offered to review any of the participants’ articles after the workshop to support their further growth and learning.

The (virtual) seats for this workshop are limited to 25.

About Dr. Becky Alexis Martin

Dr. Becky Alexis Martin

Dr. Becky Alexis-Martin is currently a Lecturer in Cultural and Political Geography at Manchester Metropolitan University. On top of this, she is also the Principal Investigator of Nuclear Families, which is a large-scale, multidisciplinary social sciences project exploring the lives of British Nuclear test veterans and their families, as well as being the Principal Investigator of Atomic Atolls, a study that explores the colonial necropolitics of the South Pacific.

Her work mostly centers around geography, wherein Dr. Alexis-Martin chose nuclear geography as her main field of focus as it offers a uniquely spatiotemporal and human perspective upon some of the critical issues of our time, including defense, energy production, emergency, security, home, family and activism. Building on this, her doctoral research examined differentials in radiation exposure to different demographics during hypothetical nuclear accident scenarios. In relation to this, Dr. Becky Alexis Martin’s other academic work has explored the psychosocial impacts of radiation emergencies upon female survivors, the perceptions of risk associated with ionizing radiation exposure, and benefits of digital communities for radiation emergency survivor support. 

Before joining the academic space, Dr. Alexis-Martin worked in emergency planning, where she gained the complementary practical experience of radiation emergency preparedness, which we think is very cool! Furthermore, Dr. Alexis-Martin is an enthusiastic science communicator and has previously spoken at the Royal Geographical Society, International Geosciences Union, PHE, and The University of Leeds, and has produced high-quality international science journalism for publishers including The Guardian, The Independent, The Conversation, UCAS, and BBC Future, as well as being the author of the book, Disarming Doomsday: The Human Impact of Nuclear Weapons since Hiroshima. We highly recommend you check out her work! Check out Dr. Alexis Martin’s website where she has a plethora of resources on nuclear related issues for you to read up on!

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