The fifth in a series of international parliamentary events in follow-up to the publication of Assuring our Common Future: a parliamentary handbook on disarmament for security and sustainable development.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Session A: Timed for Asia/Pacific: 7:00 Central Europe Time (CET)
Session B: Timed for the Americas/Europe/Africa: 17:00 Central Europe Time (CET)

Co-organised by PNND and the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Event concept note: English / French

Outer space is becoming increasingly important in information, communication and control systems that guide and manage our daily lives, scientific research, and international business. It is also becoming increasingly important in military operations on the ground, specifically for surveillance and communication, and in providing guidance for military strikes. And it is being contemplated as a potential battlefield of the future.

A number of countries are researching, developing, and testing systems for anti-satellite warfare and other applications of force into or from space. There are several international agreements protecting outer space for peaceful purposes, but they are limited in scope and are not sufficient to address key issues and developments impacting space security.

Parliamentary oversight, national regulations, and a strengthening of international agreements is vital to protecting space for our common good; In an evolving context of international tensions, it is vital to ensure that outer space remains free from weaponization and continues to be a realm of scientific breakthroughs, international cooperation, peace, and understanding.

This webinar will focus on the role of parliaments and parliamentarians in protecting space for peace and our common heritage. It will draw upon information, recommendations, and examples of effective policy from the Outer Space section of the joint publication Assuring our Common Future: A guide to parliamentary action in support of disarmament for security and sustainable development.



Registration for Session A: Timed for Asia/Pacific: 7:00 CET

Registration for Session B: Timed for the Americas/Europe/Africa: 17:00 CET

Objectives of the event

  1. Increase awareness of the connections between disarmament, peace, and outer space;
  2. Identify challenges and opportunities that could help parliaments play a more active role in ensuring peaceful uses of outer space;
  3. Share ‘good parliamentary practices and effective policies on disarmament in outer space.


The event will take place as an online webinar.
Session 1 in English.
Session 2 in English, with simultaneous translation in French and Spanish.

Space for Peace podcast series

PNND and Youth Fusion are producing a Space for Peace podcast series in conjunction with the September 29 webinar. The first episode in the series is now available at Space for Peace: A Conversation with Professor Paul Meyer.

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