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The Youth Fusion podcasts are meant to engage our members with experts in fields relevant to nuclear disarmament. These critical discussions are aimed at providing the listener with an insight in the ongoing debate around nuclear disarmament. Our team is opened to suggestions of speakers and invitations to partake in any other relevant debates.

Youth Fusion thanks Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) for permission to use an excerpt from Two Suns in the Sunset (2020 remake) as the introductory and closing music for our podcast series. The classic anti-nuclear song was re-made by Roger Waters to highlight the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists setting the Doomsday Clock to 100 Seconds to Midnight.

Nuclear Collateral Damage: Ariana Tibon

This is the fourth episode of the new podcast series Nuclear Collateral Damage: Conversations with Survivors and Experts. In this series, we aim to raise awareness about the consequences of the nuclear weapons testing/or use by uplifting voices of previous and current generations who have been negatively impacted up until this day.