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Youth Fusion meets PhD Student Lis Kayser

Welcome to the Youth Fusion Experts Series, a podcast where we engage with leaders and experts in the various related fields of nuclear disarmament, peace

Call for Interns!

Youth Fusion is looking for interns to join us for 3-6 months! This is an opportunity to join a dynamic team of youths from all over the world to work together towards nuclear disarmament.

Nominations Open for the Basel “PACEY” Youth Award 2022

Youth Fusion, Basel Peace Office, and the Office of Cantonal and Urban Development (Department of Presidential Affairs, Canton of Basel-Stadt) invite nominations for the Peace, nuclear Abolition and Climate Engaged Youth (PACEY) Award 2022.

Youth Fusion celebrates 1 year!

Time flies when you’re having fun – and after 365 days in existence, though we are dealing with heavy often painful issues, Youth Fusion has

IPB World Peace Congress 2021

With over 900 in-person and around 1,700 online participants, the IPB World Peace Congress 2021 can easily be called a success. Needless to say, Youth

Youth Fusion interviews Dr Tong Zhao

In the interview, Dr Zhao starts off by talking about his personal experiences.

As for China’s NFU policy, he mentions that China has developed nuclear weapons and adopted NFU policy for the purpose of self-defense and creating an image as responsible nuclear power, which would also set up a positive example of not depending too much on nuclear weapons for other nuclear arms states. Rather than in a position to evaluate the credibility of China’s NFU, Dr Zhao elaborates what causes concerns about Chinese NFU policy.

Finally, Dr Zhao gives very inspiring words on the engagement of the younger generation and intergenerational dialogue.