The Blogs and Articles set forth by the Youth Fusion group are aimed at exploring facets of nuclear disarmament and provide the readers with expanded perspectives on the matter. These blogs and articles are the product of our volunteer teams and Youth Fusion’s staff, we remain open to submissions from young writers and academic minds from around the world.


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Nuclear Collateral Damage: Ariana Tibon

This is a short summary of the fourth episode of the podcast series, Nuclear Collateral Damage: Conversations with Survivors and Experts, where Youth Fusion conversed

Youth Fusion Elders Series: in conversation with Douglas Roche

In this episode, Youth Fusion member Arthur Duforest is delighted to introduce you all to our latest Youth Fusion Elder, Mr Douglas Roche, a longstanding and outstanding voice on, actor in and advocator for human security, disarmament and peace.

Nuclear Weapons & Human Rights

An intergenerational event on youth engagement to implement the right to a nuclear-weapons-free future took place on February 28th.