The Blogs and Articles set forth by the Youth Fusion group are aimed at exploring facets of nuclear disarmament and provide the readers with expanded perspectives on the matter. These blogs and articles are the product of our volunteer teams and Youth Fusion’s staff, we remain open to submissions from young writers and academic minds from around the world.

Human Rights & Nuclear Disarmament

This is the second of three consecutive articles which highlight the interdependencies of some of the most urgent topics of the 21st century, of which

SDGs & Human Rights

This article will be the first of three consecutive articles that, all together, highlight the most important challenges in the 21st century, and also various

Youth, Nuclear Weapons and Human Rights

On UN Human Rights Day, 10 December 2020, students, young professionals and young activists from around the world joined together to launch Youth Fusion, a new platform for

Nominations open for the PACEY Plus Award

The Basel Peace Office and the Office of Cantonal and Urban Development (Department of Presidential Affairs, Canton of Basel-Stadt) invite nominations for the 2021 Basel