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In memory of Youth Fusion Elder Bruce Kent

Not long ago we were hit by some difficult news – the passing of life-long activist and changemaker Bruce Kent, a dear friend to and steadfast supporter of many of the organisations working for peace, climate action and social equity in the UK and beyond.

Youth Fusion Expert Series: Renata Hessmann Dalaqua

Michaela Higgins Sørensen, our Youth Fusion Program Officer, interviewed the very experienced and well accomplished Renata Hessmann Dalaqua, who is originally from Brazil. Renata is currently the Head of the Gender and Disarmament Programme at UNIDIR.

Nuclear Collateral Damage: a message from the host

For the last couple of weeks, you might have seen a lot of activity from my end, hearing my voice as much as twice a week. Maybe some of you have been wondering: “Who is this person?!’’ occupying Youth Fusion’s social media. I hope by today’s reflection post, I will clarify some of the questions you might have pondered over. 

Nuclear Collateral Damage: Mere Tuilau

In the fifth episode of the podcast series, Nuclear Collateral Damage: Conversations with Survivors and Experts, Youth Fusion spoke with Mere Tuilau, a youth advocate